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Research Testbeds in Reconfigurable Computing (RC)

  • 25-node Altera/GiDEL cluster known as Novo-G (features E260 FPGAs on quad-FPGA PCIe boards)
  • 5-node Altera/XtremeData cluster known as XDI (features EP2S180 FPGAs on XD2000f and XD1000 HT modules)
  • SRC-7 machine, model 71TS (features Series-H MAP, EP2S180 FPGAs, Hi-Bar switch)
  • DRC/AMD DS1002 server (features V4LX200 FPGA on RPU110-L200 HT module)
  • Two GiDEL boards (PROCStar II quad-FPGA board and PROCe single-FPGA board) featuring Altera 2S180-3 FPGAs
  • 4-node IBM/Celoxica/Xilinx cluster known as RCHTX (features V4LX160 FPGAs on HTX)
  • 21-node Xilinx/Nallatech/IB cluster known as Delta (features V4LX100 FPGAs on PCI-X)
  • Four AlphaData ADM-XRC-4 boards c/o Honeywell (features V4SX55 FPGAs)
  • 6-node Cray single-chassis supercomputer known as XD1 (features V2P50 FPGAs)

  • One AlphaData ADM-XRC board c/o Alpha Data
  • Four Celoxica RC1000 boards and four Tarari boards c/o Celoxica
  • Assorted standalone FPGA development boards c/o Xilinx
  • Assorted boards developed in-house for research purposes
The RC facilities in the lab directly support the UF site of CHREC. More information on this NSF Center can be found here.